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In the spotlight!
AMIGO Surfer 3-wielkinderstep
AMIGO Surfer 3-wielkinderstep Junior Foot brakes Black/Green
€ 38,10 € 17,95
Penn print supports 20 x 12 cm steel/EVA 2 pieces
€ 17,95 € 12,99
Powerslide Powerslide
Powerslide inlineskates Khaan junior LTD boys black
€ 78,95 € 53,90
Sveltus kettlebell black 8 kg
€ 118,95 € 88,95
Avento Reflex
Avento punching bag standing Reflexblack
€ 149,95 € 111,95
Outdoor jackets

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting better, time to go out again! If you spend a lot of time in nature, a good outdoor jacket is essential. The jacket protects you against rain, wind and cold. At Internet-Sport&Casuals you can order the most beautiful outdoor jackets for very attractive prices.
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Make sure you stand out in the dark while running! Even now that the light stays longer, there will be times when you are still doing your rounds at dusk or in the dark. You are a lot more vulnerable in the dark than when you run in daylight. Take a look at our product range here.
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A shoe makes the outfit, that's why our sneaker shop has over 1000 different sneakers for women, men and children. Because of this you will always find a sneaker that matches your carefully composed outfit. In our sneaker shop you can order a new pair of sneakers at a discount of up to 86%! 
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